All CESA members receive regular updates on market and regulatory developments in California. In addition, members can participate in working groups that provide in-depth, subject-specific updates and allow participants to help shape CESA's positions on the issues that matter most to them. CESA Steering Committee members are invited to Chair the working group of their choice.

CESA’s Working Group (WG) structure allows for targeted emails to members and eases the burden of frequently updating WG memberships. This structure uses categorical listservs, e.g., “Wholesale Procurement Topics”, as distribution lists, but then labels emails or meeting notices with the WG name, e.g., “Resource Adequacy WG – Comments for Review”, so that members can quickly assess if the message is relevant to them. A staff lead is assigned to each WG:

For background on California energy regulatory and legislative research, please refer to the following guide.


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